Drive Faster Compute Sustainably with Microconvective Cooling®

How Microconvective Cooling® Technology Provides Future-Ready Flexibility Meeting Data Centers Where They Are Today

In this white paper, we explore the state of liquid cooling while discussing how widespread adoption of microconvective cooling® in the United States could save up to 11.1BkWh in electricity and 150 billion liters of water per year while averting 35 million metric tons of CO2 emissions globally. 


smartplate rendering

SmartPlate, JetCool's fully sealed, in-rack liquid cooling solution, uses intelligent coupling to target the heat source on an integrated lid with Microconvective Cooling® and deliver the highest cooling performance and reliability for demanding applications.

Using SmartPlate, data centers can achieve a 90% reduction in water usage and 18% lower electricity consumption, averting 35M metric tons of CO2 emissions annually.

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